Triangle Transit

Fares and Passes

On June 25, 2014 Triangle Transit approved fare increases for fixed route and paratransit services to help address the rising costs of operating these services. The fare increases will allow the agency to keep pace with inflation and continue to make improvements to bus services and facilities.  For more information on the fare analysis process and reports, please visit  The following fare structure will be effective August 18, 2014. 

2014 Approved Fare Structure - T-Linx Paratransit Services
  Current  New Fare - Effective August 18
 Cash Fare $4.00 $4.50
 11-Ride Pass $40.00 $45.00
 Monthly Pass $128.00 $153.00

If you have questions, please contact 919-485-7460 or Transit Manager Vinson Hines, Jr. Click here to e-mail the Transit Manager.

2014 Approved Fare Structure - FIXED ROUTE SERVICES
  Full Fare Discounted Fare
 Regional  Cash Fare $2.25 $1.00
   Transfer to
Express Route
$0.75 $0.25
   DayPass*  $4.50  $2.00
   7-Day Pass*   $16.50  $7.50
   31-Day Pass*  $76.50  $34.00
Express  Cash Fare  $3.00  $1.25
   DayPass*   $6.00  $2.50
   7-Day Pass*  $22.00  $9.25
   31-Day Pass*  $102.00  $42.50
Discounts  Children (under 5)    Free
 (ages 6 - 18) 
 (ages 65+)
   $13.50 Stored Value Card**    $12.00
   $25 Stored Value Card**    $20.00
   $50 Stored Value Card**    $40.00

*Regional and Express passes are valid on C-Tran, CAT and DATA buses.
‚Äč**Stored Value cards are valid on Regional and Express Triangle Transit routes and on C-Tran and CAT.

Qualifications for Disabled Fare: Medicare card holders; disabled riders with a VA Disability Card, VA “Service Connected” card or disability card from any transit system.